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Why I do what I do? I have been in the shoes of the heads of marketing

I understand their challenges, I understand their frustrations. I have felt lonely and sometimes I did not know who I could turn to. That is why I believe I can help them navigate their challenges by supporting them emotionally as well as delivering towards business results.


About Mosidi K Seretlo Brand & Marketing Agency

I help marketing leaders to strategically navigate the rapidly evolving marketing landscape in a complex and dynamic world. Let us face it. CEOs do not trust marketers and do not see the value of marketers. This is becoming even more of a challenge with marketing no longer being considered a real driver of value. In addition to this, the pressures on marketing executives to deliver short term tactics but without a clear strategic framework is real. There is a constant struggle to balance both the long- and short-term business needs.

I recognized during my career as both C-suite Brand Director and GM of both large and small brands, that CEOs are looking for more from marketers and want them to ensure that the marketing spend is delivering to the business. Digital media has changed the landscape and more consumers are getting online. Competition has increased and consumers want more from brands but and want clarity of what their brands do for them.

After 24 years in corporate, I decided to step down and Mosidi K Seretlo Brand & Marketing Agency was born. I am now a passionate Executive Business Coach working with senior leaders across marketing and business. I help CMOs and Heads of Marketing build marketing strategies and plans that deliver business results. I have worked with a number of companies across Financial Services, ICT, FMCG & Energy business. I have also worked on both B2B and B2C brands. 

My motto "Showing up and doing your best is a great start to anything."
Mosidi Seretlo

Standout moments during my career


I have an endless passion for marketing, I am energetic. I love solving problems. I love winning. I love helping teams to win. I also know the world you live in. I have walked in your shoes.

Brand & Marketing Agency owner | Marketing Strategist | Marketing Planning. | Brand Strategist | Mother | Small Business Owner | Inspirational | Phenomenal Woman | Authentic


Clients I have worked with

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100% Black Female owned

South African Based

Level 1 BEE Rating



What my clients have to say

Mosidi is an overachiever and doesn’t settle for mediocre. She is driven, resilient, passionate and ultra intuitive which gives her the ability to overcome just about any obstacle. Mosidi is not only one of the best clients and marketers that I have worked with but also one of those rare clients that truly understands the power of relationships. She is one in a million and I can only see her go from strength to strength. It’s an inevitability.
Wayne Naidoo
I remember my first session with Mosidi - it turned into more of a counselling session when I started crying. I realised that I had the dream and vision but felt stuck and overwhelmed by the blind spots. Mosidi helped unpack my vision into a proper roadmap and define a go-to-marketing strategy. She makes me laugh when she emails me to tell me to take down an advert that is not aligned with my brand. She is truly a marketing guru and a great critic, and she enjoys her coaching duties which include being honest even if it hurts to hear the truth.
Pumza Dilika
I have worked with Mosidi Seretlo for many years, with her in the client role, and me in the agency or consultant role. Most recently, she has partnered me in developing and facilitating executive training modules for marketers. I love working with her because she is a consummate professional in her approach to any brief; she brings her years of marketing, management, leadership and life experience to her materials.
Gillian Rightford
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