Rejection is Redirection

I was rejected. They told me I was not wanted anymore. I did not understand what I had done wrong. They told me my team was complaining about me. They told me I was not performing. But I said my performance appraisal did not indicate that I was not performing. In fact, I was delivering. Eventually, they told me – you are not wanted here. I could not believe it. My father had just died. Why do this now? Why not wait till I had stopped grieving? They came at me when I felt so weak.

I left feeling defeated. I had tried everything to fit in the organization. I had changed who I was in order to be liked. I had tried to become like them.

Lessons learnt

1. Listen to your gut instincts. I was having the most awful time in that organization I should have left sooner.

2. Never sell your soul. I rejected myself and sold my soul. I tried to become someone else & I still did not to fit in.

3. Things may look bleak, but in time you will heal.

4. There are doors that are not meant for you but if you keep on focusing on a locked door you fail to notice the doors that are opened.

5. Rejection is redirection.

I am so grateful for the redirection I received. I look back and say thank you God from removing me from a place that did not appreciate my value.

#beauthentic #beyourself

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