Leading Marketing Campaigns

One of the activities I miss from my corporate days is leading marketing campaigns. There was just adrenaline that would pump into my body, the thrill and the excitement of delivering great work. Sometimes it would be average work, and once in a while really bad. Having worked for over 24 years and over a number of campaigns, this is what I found helped me with developing a great campaign. It’s not everything but some of the critical things to consider:

1. Have a clear brand strategy.
2. Have a clear and concise campaign brief that is written (I hated verbal briefs and still do).
3. Take the time to have a face to face (zoom call with the agency). Preferably send the brief 24 hours before and the meeting to give them time to ask questions. Sometimes you may have to rewrite the brief.
4. Ensure that he or she who approves the work must sign off the brief and be involved in major reverts.
5. Have patience – great work is like great art…… it takes time.

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