Coronavirus took the world by storm.

Coronavirus took the world by storm. I was one of those people who thought – aghh it’s too far away. China, Wuhan and it won’t touch us. As people started pulling away from gyms and pulling kids from school I was like aghhh no need to panic. Then we started seeing the impact it was having on first world countries it became clear that it was a global pandemic with a strong force that was not stopping. 

I have been one of the sceptical people but now I am enlightened. It has been an eye-opener how much I took things for granted and has shone a light on the things that I have kept hidden in the shadows. Like my love of junk food, my love of that cafe latte from
@Woolworths or the unnecessary useless love of stationery that gathers dust in my cupboards. Now I find myself doing stuff I love. Like everyone around me I don’t know where the future will take me but I know that some of my past is staying. Some of my thinking and beliefs are staying. Corona might have been an unwelcome visitor but it is a teacher of many things. I am grateful that the baggage I carry will be left behind. I am grateful for Coronavirus for making me a better person.

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