Clear Brand communication

The last time I posted on this page was last Monday. The lockdown had my brain on freeze panel just for a second but after thawing, it’s back in the groove.

It’s been fascinating watching brands that are doing well come out with clear communication and not beating about the bush. Brands and companies that have shown me that no matter what they are poised for the future

1. They have clear positioning and clear narratives
2. They remain authentic and true to what they stand for.
3. They are empathetic and stand with society
4. They put employees ahead of profits
5. They are out in the front lines and are getting their hands dirty.
6. They are not letting lockdowns get to them – in fact, most of our innovations will come out of this period.

I would like to commend the following companies for showing great bravery:

Standard Bank Group Nando’s South Africa Pick n Pay Woolworths Group The Shoprite Group of Companies

There are many more and please add their names on this list.

The losers are Moody’s Investors Service why kick countries when they are down? This, we will never forget.

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