7 traits of successful Phenomenal Women

It’s Phenomenal Women Wednesday and I thought I would share some of  traits I admire from Phenomenal Women which  I find so fascinating. I am always wondering what makes them tick, what makes them look so effortless and make life look easy? I recall working at Unilever and meeting women who became my role models and even today when I look back at this time I realise what made me in awe of them. I used to say that I would one day become just like them.

  1. They are humble – despite their successes these women remain humble. I admire them because they don’t care who you are, they will take the time to chat and get to know you. I wish so many of us could learn that “dont judge a book by it’s cover.” So many people are obsessed with fame, being rich and what you can do for them and these women just are obsessed with being humble.
  2. They embrace their feminine selves – these women are tough but one thing they don’t forget is that they are also women and incredibly feminine and embrace themselves fully. They are not apologetic of it. And never ever get intimidated by people who judge them.
  3. They are selfless – they give of themselves and seem to have time to give of themselves to causes they are passionate about.
  4. They are spiritual – whenever I speak to any one of these women I am in awe of their belief in God and the fact that they attribute a lot of their successes to something greater than themselves. They are deeply faithful. They practice gratitude and have a lot of belief.
  5. They are passionate and have energy – these women have an awesome energy that is hard to resist. They talk with passion, they engage with energy that surrounds them.
  6. They are incredibly intuitive – these women are not only in touch with their spirituality they are incredibly intuitive people and it something they embrace fully.
  7. They are focused– one of the traits I admire about women is that they remain focused and they seem to know what to focus on and what not to. They just get it.


Have you met any incredible #Phenomenal Women? Please send us some of the traits you admire about them at phenomenalwomen@mosidikseretlo.org



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