Phenomenal Mum, Phenomenal Daughter

When my daughter was born,  all I dreamt of is giving birth to a healthy baby girl. I was in my 40s when she was born, so that is what I could ask from God. I never thought much about what it would take to raise a  phenomenal daughter in this world. A sometimes hard and cold world. I wanted to bring up a beautiful child who embodied an optimistic world, but I also did not want to raise a child who was weak.

I did not think anything about motherhood and the impact of my own emotions on my child, until one day I was watching a TV program that dealt with children who were troubled teenagers. What peaked my interest is the consistent message that seemed to show that there were issues with parents who either were emotionally unavailable or were abusing drugs or something that was going on that was not good for the children.

I took note of this and vowed that I wanted to give my daughter a good start in life. I tried to raise a kind, happy, passionate woman and I also wanted to bring up a Phenomenal daughter. I also wanted my child who was prepared for the harsh realities of the world. I knew I could never control everything that she went through, but I wanted to make sure that whenever mummy was not around, she could face the world.

But raising a future phenomenal woman means I have to be that person. I have to embody and display the values that I wish for my daughter. I cannot guarantee that she will turn out that way, but I sure will give it a try. I also want her to be her person, independent and not be just like mum.

Here are things I have done, and the rest is through having faith, belief and gratitude.

  • I am honest with her no matter how much the truth hurts
  • I am emotionally available
  • I tell her I love her and I affirm her
  • I tell her I proud of her
  • I tell her that she must cry and not let anyone stop her when she gets hurt
  • I ask her to do chores

I realise to raise a Phenomenal Woman of the future; I have to be that Phenomenal Mum

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