5 reasons why I love the season of Spring…

Its official spring is here, and I am so excited to see the bloom of the flowers,  the colours, the early sunset. I love Spring; I am publicly declaring my love affair with spring.  I was born in May, and I am a winter baby. But Spring is my season.  I have a deep respect for the other seasons, and I know that they all have a purpose. But for some reason there is more connection for me with spring; it represents my essence and soul.

The other day my almost 6-year-old daughter had a spring day picnic at school. She was so excited, and she could not sleep, and she woke up early the next day so that we could pack for her picnic bag. I shared this excitement and this mood with her. I felt like a child again. The previous night, she had decorated her spring hat. I looked at it with pride, and it dawned on me that I was feeling this way because my life and my energy were about to go through a significant shift.

I have gone through a harsh winter, literally. I had made decisions about my business and changed strategy and realised that this was not working out. I have been feeling down, and that weighed heavily on my mind and my spirit. I would go about my day, smiling but there was always that empty feeling that things were not working out the way I had envisaged. I was also feeling physically and mentally exhausted. So I thought maybe I am not the only one feeling glum and gloomy, and I need something that can help me get back up on my feet.

So here are my five reasons why I love Spring:

  1. Spring the word says it all – it has energy and vibrancy.
  2. It represents a sense of hope and optimism.
  3. It lifts my attitude. I am feeling good.
  4. It’s a chance to let go of the old
  5. It’s bright and colourful

I am feeling buoyed at the thought of spring. I am ready to LET GO of my winter shackles and LET Spring in my life.

What does spring represent to you?

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