Phenomenal Women – Gcina Dube Managing Member Lwati Loluhle Services

I met Gcina Dube when we both worked at Vodacom. I was recruiting for positions on my team, and she used to help me quite a lot. I particularly enjoyed her interviewing skills and how she was able to know which candidates were suitable for the positions. She is now a Managing Member of Lwati Loluhle Staffing Services.

Gcina is a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience across industries. She has handled end to end resourcing processes across all levels which include Graduate Recruitment, Experienced Hires and the Full Executive Search spectrum. She holds a BCom Honours HR Management (UP). Gcina is an entrepreneur in her own right and leads Lwati Loluhle Staffing Services which is niche specialist recruitment practice with a strong focus on critical skills across all industries, involved in complimentary but non-compete staffing and recruitment training solutions.

Can you give people some background about Gcina and where she grew up and what shaped your younger years?

I grew up in a small but fast-growing place called Elukwatini in Mpumalanga. Both my parents were teachers as such Education and continuous learning were a top priority in our home. My Mom who is late now always emphasised that ‘learning and education is the only thing that liberates a girl child’ and so my siblings and I did precisely that, we studied!

Where did your career start and why did you choose a career in resourcing?

I began my career at EY within the Graduate Resourcing space which I enjoyed immensely. It was fulfilling for me to be a part of the team which provided opportunities to Emerging Talent as well as grow them within the Firm. It was exciting times, but as you know Accountants are not easy professionals, so our execution had to always be on point.

For those who don’t know what resourcing encompasses what is it? And what do you specifically do?

Resourcing is the attraction and placement of candidates into current or future vacancies within organisations. This includes both Emerging Talent and Experienced Hires. However, our work as Resourcing Professionals also comprises monitoring the candidate throughout their career development in the organisation.

Please tell us about your company and how you started it?

After a distinct and well-earned career in Corporate South Africa, having observed other young women with a similar skill set making the ‘jump’ armed with an exceptional work ethic, a solid business development expertise and my own ‘gutsy’ nature I made the courageous decision to start Lwati Loluhle.

What were some of the lessons that you learnt and can share with other women who have started on this journey?

Often the urge to ‘jump’ and follow your dreams is too high. However, my advice to women is to invest time and carefully define your offering;  determine your networks collaborations and associates upfront; ensure that you have a sufficient source of funds to carry you through the early stages of the business. Identify forums, networking platforms where you can access markets, be part of relevant and leading edge bodies where you could gain more knowledge and best practice about your industry, discipline and markets. It is essential to remain on top of your game when as an entrepreneur otherwise you run the risk of being obsolete quite quickly. WORK HARD and PUSH BOUNDARIES.

Who are your clients and how did you access them?

Earlier on when I started, I affiliated as a member of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the British Chamber of Commerce. The JCCI is a consolidation of Companies that operate in South Africa with their HQ in Johannesburg but with interests across Africa and the Globe and the British Chamber is a consolidation of all British owned and controlled companies in Southern Africa. That is my captured market of clients, and as a result of the two Chambers, I get involved in work across Africa, Middle East and Global Markets through my clients. We provide high calibre specialist candidates to our clients, candidates who help organisations unlock value and meet their strategic business needs. We also help our clients with sourcing for critical skills so that they are correctly placed amongst their competition within the market.

I see a lot of graduates who remain unemployed, and I talk to lots of people who are looking to be employed what you can advise them?

Gain more understanding of the various workplace programmes available to Graduates to access job opportunities such as Learnerships, Internships and Graduate Programmes. Obtain information as to how they can access the programmes and apply in time for the next intake.

What are some of your lessons in this entrepreneurial journey – see point 5.

Work Hard and never stop reinventing yourself.

How can people get hold of you?

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