6 reasons why you need a business coach

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to, maximise their performance” (Whitmore 2009)

I have always had a passion for coaching, and during my time in corporate, I had the opportunity to utilise both business and life coaches. They helped me in achieving both my personal and professional goals. I have always loved the idea of becoming a business coach, and in 2016 when I left corporate, I pursued a business coaching program with GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Sciences). I started my business coaching consultancy in 2016 focusing on corporate clients. In 2018 I realised that the need existed more in small businesses and I had a strong desire to help women-owned small businesses and take them to their “A” game. I had faced many challenges in my own business. I felt so lonely and often needed a sounding board and someone to check my thinking.

I would phone friends and family for advice, but I soon noticed that they had problems of their own and very little time to listen to me. Luckily through my private networks in business coaching, I found business coaches and mentors who helped me through my daily business challenges. The difference between family or friends helping and a business coach is that I could book sessions and have my time to talk through my challenges with a clear outcome. The value I have gained has been enormous.

Recently, I conducted a small survey, and I noticed that as many as 80% of the small businesses had not used a business coach.

There are many different types of coaching, and one needs to understand what each coach will help you with, and each is designed to help you achieve a specific Goal and outcome as well as help you with different strategies.

  • Life coaching: deals with an individuals life challenges or opportunities, e.g. coping strategies of life after divorce/ losses and building your life strategies to get you on top of your game.
  • Health coaching: helping individuals with health goals, becoming fitter, eating better etc
  • Wealth coaching:  dealing with how to build wealth and financial goals.
  • Sports coaching: dealing with how to excel in sporting and bringing your A game.
  • Business coaching: can deal with any of your own business challenges, e.g. presentation skills, assertiveness and a variety of other challenges that could help you achieve a specific business goal.

How can a business coach help you achieve? These are some of the outcomes you can hope to accomplish when getting a business coach.

  1. They can help in identifying critical obstacles that are preventing success.
  2. They can assist in refining business ideas and be a sounding board for your business.
  3. They can help in building your confidence and assertiveness.
  4. They can coach when you are in dealing with business stresses and challenges.
  5. They can coach you when you are starting a new business.
  6. They can coach you in developing specific business strategies like a marketing strategy.

Business Coaches are there to take you to the next level. It is however critical that you have some clarity on what you need your coaching session to help you resolve. It is very challenging for a business coach to figure out what your needs are and it can be frustrating for both individuals if the goals are not exactly clear. I have had clients who have come to me and who have been all over the place about what they need coaching to do.  It is also critical that one also has chemistry with their coach and it must be someone that they are comfortable with this person. They also should keep everything they have discussed in your coaching as private and confidential.

Whether you want to be coached on managing teams, or working with difficult colleagues/ bosses/clients- business coaching is a tool that can be valuable for you and your business.

If you need any general information on business coaching, you can contact me on info@mosidikseretlo.org


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