18 tips from some of South Africa’s most phenomenal women

Over the last 6 months, I’ve featured a lot of interesting women from different backgrounds and each of them shared some advice for their fellow women. I’ve decided to collate some of their tips to help inspire and motivate you all. Let’s learn from each other and succeed together.

 In business you are able to negotiate at a reasonable level. For the benefit of both parties, go into the partnership even if you are sacrificing some resources at the start.” Bathabile Moreki, NDP Youth Ambassador & Multi Franchise Owner

JUST DO IT!” – Agility – Tlale Mosimane, owner of Change

 You can do whatever it is you want.” – Zeenat Mahomed, owner and founder of Senteo Digital

“Do what you must to keep the business alive and learn and build the skills as you go. No one starts off as an expert at anything.” – Victoria William, head of marketing strategy Riversands Incubation Hub

“Fear will paralyse you. Once you break down the wall of fear, there is a world of excitement and discovery awaiting you.” – Roxy Maqache, founder and CEO of Desert Arabia Investments

“Entrepreneurship is very interesting with many twists and turns. It is not a destination but a journey that can be testing emotionally and mentally.” – Dineo Mondlane, founder and managing director of Blaque Partners

 “Give back. As a woman, I think it is so important to give back to our communities, particularly focusing on the girl child. Nothing humbles you like going back to schools, orphanages, or It’s about being legacy-minded.” – Malebo Mokotedi-Mapiloko, co-founder and clinical director of Mediwell Holdings

“Give yourself the benefit of being better than the day before. It’s simply taking small steps to arrive at a ‘grand destination’.” – Nontobeko Mkhize, owner of a Shell fuel station

 “Never give up. Trust and believe in yourself. You can do this.” – Pumza Dilika, owner of The Urban Farmstall

“I am a firm believer in lifelong learning.  I believe that there are no shortcuts to the top. Knowledge and continuous learning is key. READ….READ…READ….” – Gugulethu Ndebele, CEO of Save the Children SA

“Trust yourself. Back yourself. Because if you don’t, you are unlikely to find somebody else who will.” – Lebo Biko, owner of Indigo Flame

“Patience, patience, patience. Rome was not built in a day. It is therefore critical to put in time and effort, even in times when you think you are getting nowhere.” – Thuli Galelekile, owner of Orchida Florist

“Be yourself. Be your best self. You don’t have to change your personality at work. I learnt that from a great friend (thanks Mosidi!).” – Andrea Quaye, VP for Marketing Africa at ABInBev

“I have learnt is that it is so important to get into a business you love, and not something to make a quick buck. The passion for something you enjoy doing keeps you focused and carries you through the times when you feel like quitting.” – Kelebogile Mashigo, co-owner of Kurls and Kutz

“Trust your instincts, and trust that the decisions that you make at that time, are the best ones that you could have made.” Teboho Seretlo, franchisee owner of Levingers

“Be very clear on what your value proposition is. I was lucky that mine was crystal clear from the start.” – Gillian Rightford, founder and owner of Adtherapy

“Fear is the greatest inhibitor of progress and success. The fear of leaving a constant paycheck, benefits and resources can create procrastination. When, and if, the entrepreneurship bug bites you, don’t overthink it. Go for it! I know without a doubt that if I allowed fear to rule my thoughts, I would not have pursued some of the business projects that I have successfully created.” – Nthabe Maqache, CEO of Nthabe Maqache Holdings and Bumbles

“Try to believe in yourself, even in doubt. Work hard and kill them with kindness.” – Brenda Khumalo, MD at Collective ID

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