It’s time to invest in your digital marketing

As a small business owner it’s often difficult to know how you can reach your target market. My advice is that you invest money towards some form of marketing activities so that you can create awareness of your business, product or service. Although it takes time to see the results, I believe it’s worth it in the end.

Digital marketing is has been on the rise over the last decade or so, and through your own website and social media platforms you can showcase your products or services.

Online advertising through digital campaigns is the most popular way of reaching your desired audience and potential consumers. An example of this is how Facebook allows you to boost posts, and target potential customers according to their demographic, geographical location, profession and more. The amount you start with can be a few hundred Rands, but you will see how effective it can be for your business.

As your business grows and budgets for marketing increase, there are experts that can assist you in buying online advertising space, where you can widen your reach to your ideal audience, increase engagement with your content, and target people using their online behaviours.

I know it isn’t easy to invest in something you are not guaranteed results from off the bat, and more often than not you are barely making a profit and living from month-to-month with hope and prayer. Digital marketing has proven time and again just how effective and successful it can be. I was one of those who was so scared of doing anything on social media. I was forced to face the fact that I needed a bit more help – and I did. Yes it feels quite “daunting” to do this and spend money – but honestly I am already sold on this. Thanks to the social media and digital experts who have not only taught me but have shown how the money I have spent has worked every month.

So, if you can spare some money and focus on getting a marketing strategy and plan in place, you’ll have opportunities to see what works or doesn’t work for you.

I see a lot of businesses that have no plan and strategy and I see them sell their goods and services on price. In the short-term that might seem very good, but long-term it erodes your profit and competition can come in and undercut your prices. I would advise that you have a clear position for your product or service, so that customers can see that what you are offering, is far better than anything else in the market.

My tip – get some experts to advise or try it out yourself… and make your products/ services stand out and be noticed!

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