7 things successful people do on their weekends

One of my favourite times of the week is the weekend. Not because I get to rest, but I get to do the things I don’t usually have the time to.

After doing some research, I realized it’s not just me – many successful leaders say their secret weapon is a good weekend. But what makes those two special days so good that you are a better worker?

On weekends, I do a few things that get me ready for Monday. So if you’re like me and need a gentle nudge to enjoy yourself, or a work-related reason to have fun, apply these pointers and see how you fair in a month on productivity. I promise you, you can’t go wrong!

  1. Wake up early. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you can waste time. It’s precious, and every second counts. Make the most of your weekend by waking up early and getting your chores out of the way.
  2. Spend time with family. This is one of my most important rules. During the week I play “strict mummy”, having to stick to routines to get my daughter to school on time, get her food ready and make sure she’s got everything she needs for a successful school week. But weekends is for play time, and I use that to do some of her favourite things, like going to the park or building a puzzle.
  3. Pursue your hobbies. There’s no time to hobby during the week. Evenings are mostly filled with networking events, or getting things ready for the next day. Weekends are the time for you to wind down and do something else that you love (something other than work!). It has to be something that drives you creatively and gives your brain something else to do.
  4. Ignore your phone. It might seem weird that most leaders disconnect on weekends, especially when during the week their phones are stuck to their ears. But on weekends, you need to give yourself as much time away from technology as possible.
  5. Read. You can never go wrong getting more information on your industry or your hobby, or something completely different. You don’t know where inspiration will strike and give you new ideas at work and at home.
  6. Leave the city. A change of scenery goes a long way in helping you feel like you’ve made the best of your weekend, and also does a world of good for your state of mind.
  7. Plan for the next week. Ideally, you need to do this on a Friday. Planning for Monday helps keep the dreaded feeling of looming deadlines away from you, giving you more space to feel relaxed and focus on the things that excite you.

Let me know if this guide has been useful. Have a wonderful weekend, and good luck with next week!

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