Phenomenal Women

Wow it’s been almost 2 months since I blogged. I must say I was trying to figure out a way that would fuel my passion and feed my soul. So the ast 2 month I have been trying out various blogs but none seemed to hit the mark. Until about 2 days ago I thought the blogs that have made people take up and notice are those that inspire others and talk about the journeys other people have been on and what it has taken to succeed.

So this 2018 I will be focusing my blogs on Phenomenal Women – some of whom are my very best friends and some perhaps I know. I want to focus on these women to inspire others and motivate others through the dark times. They will tell us their own stories of trial and tribulations whether it is in corporate and or their businesses and  get to know what makes them keep on going through the good and bad times.

My criteria for chosing these women is firstly they are 1)authentic, 2)they have integrity, 3)the work hard and 4)they are humble and most of them are deeply spiritual….

The blogs will come out every other week. If you know of any phenomenal women who are authentic, have integrity, work hard and are humble – please send me a comment on the blog and will surely be on the look out for them. Even if it’s about you telling a story that will one day inspire an 18 years old or a 25-year-old starting our or climbing the corporate ladder – I am hoping that it will be fun and engaging and I loook forward to seeing your feedback and comments.

I can’t wait……. talk soon

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