Small Businesses are key to economic growth

The USA is a country where many small business thrive and arguably keep the economy going. They keep many people gainfully employed

I spent the last 24 years in corporate and I must say I was “blind” to the challenges small businesses endure. The SA climate is not good for small businesses and therefore wonder how people expect the economy to grow when they don’t do anything to support small businesses?

I have asked many an influential and powerful people why big corporate are big on talk yet short on action. I have heard many a CEO’s coming on live radio talking about the fact that the SA economy depends on growth of small business and driving women owned enterprises specifically, growing foreign investments and keeping the youth employed.  They will even write it in their strategic plan. Yet those very same CEO’s do not even understand the frustration of how it feels to approach their senior or middle managers (who I understand could be bombarded by lots of emails/ calls) and how frustrating it is for most small businesses not to get even a response.

So having being in the corporate environment for so long my suggestion is that these CEOs who are committed in doing this look at feasibility of how this can get implemented in their companies. How do Small Businesses get an opportunity to be your suppliers? How do they get a “gate pass” to be accepted in the space?

I am not turning a blind eye to those corporate who have done this successfully – and I applaud them for taking these steps. My wish for SA is to look around and stop looking for solutions of growing the economy from elsewhere but to constantly  ask how can the company that we work for actively support small businesses and how do we create a more “small business” user-friendly approach….

I have also started in my own capacity started using small business for my own private and business use and I must say what a pleasant surprise. Yes there are bad experiences but most of my experience has been great – from painting house, to doing cupboards, printing, buying stationery

What I have found is

  • People eager to please
  • very reasonable prices
  • Great quality
  • Great customer service
  • Owner is visible

So let’s do this. Let’s start a movement… #supportsmallbusiness …….

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