Is there room for Sisterhood in business?

This was the subject of a dinner conversation – why do women not support each other in business? Why do we always feel the need to pull each other down?

In my career I was mentored mostly by women who took an interest in me and I must say I have always enjoyed mentoring women because we come from the same place and we face similar challenges and issues as we climb the corporate. But whenever I talk to other women the one thing that keeps on coming up is how senior women in corporate don’t have time nor the commitment to help pull or mentor other women do well in the corporate place. We women have become  “frenemies” of each other and we need to change the narrative

So let us start – how do we change the narrative ? How do become understanding of  each other and how to support each other. We are not frenemies, enemies – we are sisters all battling the same challenges. We could be mothers, wives etc but we do share some similar problems and how can we help each other progress in corporate or in business?

Any views of what has worked well for you?

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