Profiling your customers may be inaccurate

I was interested in a getting a card from a certain provider because I thought I could increase my loyalty points.  Well I had to do so much to get through this process  – and felt  as if I had to prove that I was good enough for their service

I heard  about this particular service and card on radio, heard everyone talk about it and say what a wonderful card it is. I am already an existing customer of this company so I thought would be easy to get an additional service. Oh was I so wrong….

I finalized my application form and was asked to submit either my bank statements or IT 34 SARS document. I submitted bank statements and a reply was sent to say I must also submit my tax documents. I submitted them and then was told could not access them and then asked to send and an  email copy. I was told that they were not clear and had to resend. At that time I was completely frustrated and withdrew my application.

As I thought about it I think that the move was deliberate – they obviously did not want to say NO but would frustrate me with all these unreasonable requests that i would pull out.

So here I am without this card and it got me thinking – they thought I was a high financial risk who would not be able to pay monthly payments. But they are so wrong and they should have done more homework….and in that they made their mistake. They profiled me but aga shame their profiling has pegged me in a box… and a very wrong box…..their loss and not mine

But I guess I am better off without that card anyway… I am sure I will get my points without it…..

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